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Wow! This treatment promises to melt fat in 15 minutes

We can not deny that we are very intrigued by the new treatments that promise to get rid of the fat rolls that bother us so much. And is that not all women risk having surgery to have a body and not all want to put hours at the gym to maintain the curves. That is why when treatments appear that promise quick results without pain, we all want to try them. One of them is TruSculpt ID, a treatment that promises to melt fat in just 15 minutes. We spoke with Dr. Matthew Schulman, a certified plastic surgeon in New York, to explain how this innovative machine works to dissolve fat in a non-invasive way. “This treatment, non-invasive, highly effective as to reduce fat. I can tell my patients that they can expect a 24% reduction in fat after just one visit. “, Explained the treatment surgeon whose results are permanent. “The treatment is only 15 minutes, which is about a third of the time other procedures are taken.” The machine, which uses radiofrequency to melt fat, also increases collagen and can treat up to three areas at the same time. “Thanks to its advanced technology, we have not had cases of burns and changes in the pigmentation of the skin. There are really no disadvantages in this treatment, assuming you understand that you only remove 25% of the fat and still have 75% left, “says Schulman. “It is important to be evaluated by a certified doctor before undergoing this treatment.” Keep in mind that the machine works with heat and you can feel a burning sensation in the skin. The results can be seen in full after three months and then you can evaluate if the patient needs a second treatment to remove 15% more fat. The price ranges between $ 400 and $ 2,500, depending on the area you decide to treat. For more information go to
April 12, 2021