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What is the P-Shot®?

The Priapus, or P-Shot® , is also a great way to combat ED with use of your own blood! Platelet rich plasma (PRP) which is taken from your own blood is used to inject the penis and stimulate healing and restoration. PRP contains the growth factors necessary for improving blood flow to the penis, as well as regenerating healthy tissue. With this innovative treatment, you can achieve enhanced sexual performance and sensitivity that you have lost.

What are the benefits of the P-Shot®?

Post-procedure patients reap many benefits from the procedure including: increased sensation, more frequent and stronger erections, increase in their blood flow, as well as some patients reporting an increase in size.

What can I expect from the P-Shot® procedure?

When a patient comes for a P-Shot® procedure we begin with the numbing process which is achieved with a strong numbing cream. While the patient is numbing, their blood will be drawn in order to obtain PRP from the patient. We take a syringe of blood in order to then spin-down in the centrifuge and extract the platelet rich plasma. Once the PRP is separated the injection procedure can begin. Injections are strategically placed into the penis in places that need restoration to improve function and sensation. The PRP will function naturally to restore blood flow, and regenerate healthy tissue.

Can the P-Shot® and Shockwave be used in conjunction?

Absolutely! Taking advantage of both of these services we offer is a way to maximize results. Shockwave is also a great maintenance procedure for post-P-Shot® patients in order to protect their investment over time! Ask us about our packages on consultation.


Shockwave Therapy

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has become a big topic in the past few decades. You have probably seen many advertisements for pills and the like to treat ED because it is such a common issue and becomes even more common as men age and sometimes even in young men as well. Erectile dysfunction can lead to stress in their lives in their relationships. If you are looking for a solution for ED to get you back to enjoying your sex life and your relationship we have solutions for you.

What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave Therapy is a revolutionary male sexual performance procedure that uses low-intensity sound waves (also referred to as acoustic wave therapy) to improve sexual function in men, even if they suffer from a medical condition such as Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Peyronie’s disease.

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Shockwave Therapy can help you with ED, Peyronie’s disease & help with sexual performance!

How does Shockwave Therapy work?

The Shockwave procedure breaks up plaque formation in blood vessels and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in the penis. This increases the blood flow to the penis and improves sexual function. In addition, the GAINSWave procedure activates the growth of new nerve tissue in the penis.

This process, called neurogenesis, enhances sensitivity in the penis. Because Shockwave Therapy uses low-intensity sound waves and is non-invasive, it is often referred to as Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (LI-ESWT).

What can I expect from the Shockwave Therapy procedure?

Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses pulse waves to improve blood flow to the penis and to boost sexual performance. It’s a safe and effective treatment that is drug free, surgery free, totally non-invasive, performed in-office and provides long-lasting results.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to start the journey to a happier and healthier sex life.

  1. Request an appointment with our provider to discuss your concerns, determine if you are a candidate, and discuss the right treatment plan for you
  2. Day of procedure: come 30 minutes early to allow time for numbing cream to be applied and take effect, procedure takes about 20-30 minutes to complete
  3. Post procedure: you can automatically resume daily activities, 75% of men have positive results post-treatment, some men even have a spontaneous erection within 24 hours.

What is PT-141?

PT-141 (also known as Bremelanotide), approved for use by the FDA, is a melanocortin-based peptide used for the treatment of low sexual desire in women, and may also address problems of sexual interest (libido) among men who have altered or disrupted hormonal states. It may be used as an alternative to Viagra or Cialis in men with low sexual drive and ED associated with a lowered libido. However, it has also been known to have the favorable side effects of an increased sense of strength, sex drive and vitality.

PT-141 was originally tested as a sunless tanning agent, (NOTE: this is a potential risk of overuse) but it also seemed to cause sexual arousal and spontaneous erections in 9 out of the 10 original male volunteer test subjects. Melanotan II was produced to stimulate melanogenesis, the process that is responsible for skin pigmentation. Melanotan II was also known to suppress appetites and enhance libido, in addition to promoting skin tanning. In fact, it's a reasonable option for men who participate in bodybuilding competitions, as they can get darker skin faster and have more energy to power through their workouts.

How does it work?

Unlike Viagra, Cialis, Trimix and other similar medications, it does not act in the vascular system, but directly increases sexual desire within the nervous system.

PT-141 is administered as a subcutaneous injection that's given 1-4 hours before playtime and it's effects on sexual desire and spontaneous erections typically lasts anywhere from 8-24 hours. Like other peptides, it should be kept refrigerated.

Potential Side Effects

Self-limited episodes of headache, nausea, and flushing were experienced by some study participants, effects which abated when the dose was lowered. It was noted that the headaches experienced from well-known ED medications like Cialis and Viagra were more intense and lasted far longer than those who experienced them with PT 141.

Potential Benefits of PT 141

  • Helps enhance sexual satisfaction
  • Increases libido and sexual desire
  • Promotes stronger erections
  • More energy
  • Tan skin

The man who is committed to upping his game and wishes to rise to the occasion at any time recognizes that treating the root cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) is truly the best course of action. Men that suffer from ED should not be stuck with taking Viagra or another ED pill for the rest of their lives and this type of treatment will never address the root cause of ED either!

What can you do to help prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

It’s important to prevent erectile dysfunction and treat the causes and symptoms of erectile dysfunction before your symptoms worsen and impact your life in a negative way. Proactively manage your health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease or other chronic health issues.

Work to quit smoking, limit (or avoid altogether) alcohol intake, and do not use illegal drugs. Exercise regularly. Reduce your stress If you are suffering from anxiety, depression or other health concerns, see a professional. Proactive erectile dysfunction treatments such as Gainswave and P-shots can help prevent the onset of more moderate to severe erectile dysfunction issues.

Whether you are experiencing occasional erectile dysfunction or have an ongoing issue, please don’t let it get worse. Our providers can diagnose and prepare a treatment plan that will get you the erectile dysfunction help you need and help you get your relationship and life back. Please schedule a complimentary consultation with our providers today!

Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction can be extremely difficult and frustrating to deal with. It’s important to understand that ED is a medical condition that can start as a result of many different factors and medical conditions that can develop over time. Aging is an important factor contributing to erectile dysfunction. As patients age, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and other co-morbidities play an increasingly significant role in this condition. While the vast majority of patients with ED will have organic disease, some may have a primary psychological issue; particularly younger men. Even when the underlying cause is organic, there are almost always psychological consequences to ED regarding marital and relationship issues, cultural norms and expectations, loss of self-esteem, shame, anxiety, and depression, among others. Erectile dysfunction can cause considerable emotional damage to the patient and their partner as well as have a significant impact on their quality of life. On the bright side, erectile dysfunction is almost always treatable.

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

The following diseases and conditions can lead to ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which you are unable to get or keep an erection firm enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse. ED can be a short-term or long-term problem. You have ED when you

  • can get an erection sometimes, but not every time you want to have sex
  • can get an erection, but it does not last long enough for fulfilling or satisfactory sex
  • are unable to get an erection at any time
  • type 2 diabetes
  • heart and blood vessel disease, high cholesterol / lipidemia
  • atherosclerosis— micro plaque formation in your blood circulatory system secondary to high cholesterol disease including the blood vessels of your penis.
  • high blood pressure--men with high blood pressure are nearly twice as likely to have erectile dysfunction and impaired penile blood flow compared to their peers with normal blood pressure.
  • chronic kidney disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • injury from treatments for prostate cancer, including radiation therapy and prostate surgery
  • injury to the penis, spinal cord, prostate, bladder, or pelvis
  • surgery for bladder cancer
  • Psychological such as guilt, depression, severe anxiety, stress, and fear of intimacy
  • Problems with blood flow (micro plaque buildup in the vascular system of penis), nerve supply and hormones (such as low testosterone) can have a negative impact on erectile function.

Men who have diabetes are two to three times more likely to develop ED than men who do not have diabetes. Read more about diabetes and sexual and urologic problems.

ED can be a side effect of many common medicines, such as

  • blood pressure medicines
  • antiandrogens—medicines used for prostate cancer therapy
  • antidepressants
  • tranquilizers, or prescription sedatives—medicines that make you calmer or sleepy
  • appetite suppressants, or medicines that make you less hungry
  • ulcer medicines

View a list of specific medicines that may cause ED

Psychological or emotional factors may make ED worse. You may develop ED if you have one or more of the following:

  • fear of sexual failure
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • guilt about sexual performance or certain sexual activities
  • low self-esteem
  • stress—about sexual performance, or stress in your life in general

The following health-related factors and behaviors may contribute to ED:

  • smoking
  • drinking too much alcohol
  • using illegal drugs
  • being overweight
  • not being physically active

Complications of ED may include

  • an unfulfilled sex life
  • a loss of intimacy between you and a partner, resulting in a strained relationship
  • depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem
  • being unable to get a partner pregnant
  • Emotional issues such as embarrassment, shame, anxiety, and a reduced interest in sex.

Depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem can also contribute to ED, creating a cycle of health problems. As mentioned before, another common cause of ED is a buildup of micro plaque in the arteries of the penis. As most men know, an erection is produced when arousal causes blood flow to enter the penis through the penile arteries as they widen and allow blood to flow into the network of vessels that travel through the stomach and lead into the penis. The result is swelling which is commonly known as an erection. But in a man with a blockage in the penile arteries, blood cannot move into the penis the way it would for an otherwise healthy man. The result would be either a partial erection or no erection at all. It is true that clogged arteries can cause ED but it is also equally true that clogged arteries in the penis can be a symptom of heart disease which means clogged arteries in the rest of the body. According to Harvard Health, they are a warning signal of heart disease.

The path to erectile dysfunction often starts at the heart, which pumps blood through arteries to all areas of the body. Erectile dysfunction often occurs when these pathways are blocked by plaque, a condition known as atherosclerosis. Cholesterol builds up on vessel walls, which causes them to narrow and slow down blood flow.

Do you suspect that your erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms may be caused by micro plaque buildup in your arteries?

First, you are not alone. Over 50 percent of American men between the ages of 40 and 70 will experience mild, moderate, or severe erectile dysfunction in their lifetime. It’s pretty clear that atherosclerosis can cause erectile dysfunction. Atherosclerosis by itself accounts for 50-60 percent of ED cases in men over the age of 60. On a related note, experts estimate that 35 to 50 percent of diabetics experience ED.

Second, contrary to popular perception, ED doesn’t just affect older men. One in four men who sought help at an outpatient clinic for the condition were under the age of 40, nearly half of whom had severe symptoms. While these men in some ways appeared healthier than their older counterparts – less weight, more testosterone, fewer medications – they also smoked or used illegal drugs more regularly. Perhaps of most concern is the fact that a majority of men, regardless of age, do not seek treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Third, there is a non-invasive treatment that is ideal for ED caused by micro plaque formation. It’s called GAINSWave® and it offers a unique solution that can achieve impressive results. This simple in-office procedure uses low-intensity acoustic soundwaves to break up plaque and stimulate the release of growth factors, which can lead to the development of new blood vessels in the penis.


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