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Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

Our clients who use the infrared sauna treatment on a regular basis may experience both lower blood pressure and increased weight loss.

Saunas rely on heat or steam to create conditions that raise your core body temperature. When sweating increases, your heart rate also increases and pumps more blood to your skin. This is how your body self-regulates in higher temperatures, and it’s the same way your body responds to an uptick in exercise. By exposing your body to warm temperature conditions, you jumpstart similar health benefits to those you would experience after exercise.

Primary benefits of using our infrared sauna include:

  • Weight loss: According to scientific research, people who regularly use a sauna experience some weight loss. This is because the sauna’s temperature conditions create a response in the body that mimics that of exercise. (Without exercise)
  • Detoxification: For people with prolonged exposure to harmful substances, some studies have shown improvements in their conditions due to sauna-induced detoxification.
  • Lymphatic drainage: Relieves swelling and inflammation after either a medical treatment or illness that has blocked the lymphatic system.
Infrared Sauna

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