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truSculpt Flex: Achieves Muscle Hypertrophy with breakthrough Bio-Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

A whole new advantage in Body Sculpting

Sweat … or No-sweat Muscle Sculpting.

Inactive adults over 30 can lose as much as three-to-eight-percent muscle mass per decade.1 Some turn to strength and resistance training, but less than one quarter of American adults aged 18+ engage regularly in aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity.2 — Enter Cutera’s truSculpt® flex, the non-invasive, bio-electrical muscle stimulation device delivering results similar to physical training without the sweat and toil. truSculpt flex is an adjustable, non-invasive, personalized muscle sculpting treatment that can be dialed into patient fitness levels, body shapes and individual goals. With three treatment modes reflecting the effects of specific physical exercises, and 16 proprietary handpieces, truSculpt flex delivers comprehensive targeted muscle stimulation in up to eight areas simultaneously — the largest treatment area available in body sculpting. Cutera’s proprietary Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology makes this possible. In traditional strength training, the brain signals the nervous system and motor neurons to contract the skeletal muscle voluntarily. In truSculpt flex treatment, the process bypasses the brain, sending an electrical signal to the muscle through a handpiece optimizing muscle workout while minimizing discomfort while ensuring safety and efficacy. truSculpt flex’s handpieces achieve high-intensity deep muscle contractions at low energy levels — optimizing results while increasing practice revenue. The three treatment modes feature five contraction sequences, simulating a traditional workout at an accelerated intensity and increase in basal metabolic rate. Selectivity yields powerful results. truSculpt flex selectively targets motor neurons, contracting specific skeletal muscles. In regular exercise, a fit adult may perform up to 100 crunches before exhaustion. By contrast, the same adult can perform the equivalent of up to 54,000 crunches in 45-minutes with truSculpt flex treatment.4 It’s Aerobic. Lactic acid build-up, a byproduct of anaerobic exercise, does not occur during truSculpt flex treatment, while Protein Synthesis occurs in the treated muscles for approximately 24 to 48 hours.4 Over a course of four-to-six truSculpt flex treatments, the body enters a state of constant Muscle Protein Synthesis, during which muscles grow, or hypertrophy, when the amount of protein synthesized in the muscle exceeds the amount broken down. Muscle hypertrophy can be aided by the consumption of 1.2 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.5

Benefits Extending Beyond Body Sculpting

truSculpt flex offers a high level of intensity and an increase in basal metabolic rate, providing accelerated muscle mass growth over traditional strength training and other muscle-sculpting technologies. It also treats two common symptoms of aging: reduced muscle mass and declining metabolism, making this treatment an excellent adjunct to any medical practice focused on decreasing signs of aging, improving appearance, and enhancing body confidence.
May 07, 2021